Some of the Services Provided by Liquid Purple...

Liquid Purple is proud to offer a variety of webmaster and general maintenance services in addition to very advanced development of complex websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want to be on page #1 of Google?
If your site is not on the first page on search engines then you're missing out on free traffic and potentials customers. Most website owners overlook proper search optimization. We can help. Getting page #1 on Google is easy for low-value keywords, and very difficult for high-value terms and phrases. We specialize in technical optimizations as well as standard ranking factors to ensure the best ranking possible.

Wordpress Administration & Configuration

Wordpress is a proven and reliable website system, but it can be challenging to maximize all of it's potential especially if you are busy and just want to start using it.

Liquid Purple can help you build an entire site on Wordpress or just help with the parts that are confusing or giving you trouble.

Joomla Administration & Configuration

Joomla is a very powerful and sophisticated content management system which can be a bit overwhelming at first. I am here to help with whatever you need. I will even show you how to do whatever you're interested in learning. You can start by just giving me a list of items which you want to address.

Liquid Purple will complete the tasks as quickly as possible so they can be used, then instruct you on how to do it so next time you will only need to request assistance if you get stuck.

Branded Microsites

Branded landing page branded some content with shorter words like a normal content item. online flier branded event page. By vertical website branded landing page branded online flier branded event page branded vertical website branded.