SEO Specialist

Formalize your SEO strategy and tactics to help direct the technology team in the implementation across the Internet. We'll work closely with your marketing and product teams, as well as partners or other associates, and serve as the resident expert for inbound linking strategies. We have in-depth knowledge of SEO and online media, including keyword selection and maximization.

Responsive / Mobile Web Design

Web designer will collaborate with you to discuss objectives for internet and intranet sites and other online projects and develop compelling interactive experiences for web and mobile devices. We will provide expert creative guidance on the overall look, feel and functionality of web design projects and produce compelling artwork, including images, icons and banners, as well as layouts that are appealing and user-friendly. We can also conduct quality assurance (QA) work to identify possible problems before launch.

Content Management

Content managers are responsible for the strategy and determination of relevant and engaging content for your brand’s customers. We can help lead the copy development process through the various content creation and review phases of projects, and ensures all copy is relevant, engaging, strategically sound, brand-appropriate, optimized for search engines and aligned with your company's overall creative approach. Our knowledge of content management systems and a strong understanding of visuals, especially info-graphics and video, and overall layout is extensive.

Project Management

Project manager can oversees and measures the results of digital projects, including website builds, mobile apps and advertising campaigns. They will coordinate the efforts of all teams to ensure tasks are completed on time and within budget while meeting quality standards. We can also serve as the liaison between creative staff and clients, helping to resolve data processing, production and accounting challenges, and ensures customer satisfaction, quality control and timely delivery of final products.