Do you want to be on page #1 of Google?
If your site is not on the first page on search engines then you're missing out on free traffic and potentials customers. Most website owners overlook proper search optimization. We can help. Getting page #1 on Google is easy for low-value keywords, and very difficult for high-value terms and phrases. We specialize in technical optimizations as well as standard ranking factors to ensure the best ranking possible.

The easy things can have a big influence on search ranking...

SSL CERTIFICATE - Make sure you have a ssl certificate on all pages. Everybody feels safer when a website is secure, especially if you are selling anything. This is also true for all of the major search engines who are understood to give a little more ranking power to websites with a valid ssl certificate. A SSL certificate can usually be purchased from your hosting provider for less than $100 per year. They are also available from discount brokerages at a significant discount (~$29). You can even get one for FREE from the company "Let's Encrypt." If you have a good hosting company, they may offer automatic Let's Encrypt certificates for free.

If you're serious about improving your search ranking, adding a ssl certificate is about the easiest thing you can do at any cost.
SSL Certificate Companies
SSL Certificate Companies

We can purchase and setup a SSL certificate for your website!

Is your site as fast and error-free as possible?

PERFORMANCE TESTING - Is your site small, fast, and nice looking? Is the server and website configuration both good? You certainly don't want to have any errors on your site such as missing pages, server errors, or other misconfigurations. Fix any serious errors. You can check the health of your website with a number of free online tools such as GTmetrix and Pingdom. These tools and others will give you a good idea of what could be improved on your site.

The items listed and recommendations made are all things that we can help you fix. Some of it is usually quick and easy while other items can take great effort and time to get configured and working correctly, sometimes with only small improvements to your overall ranking. You might be able to pickup a few miliseconds by using a cdn or consolidating stylesheets, but that's a lot of work without much return. It's fine to revisit smaller factors at some point in the future. If your site is already pretty good as far as performance and basic technical requirements then you are ready to proceed.
Performance Testing
Performance Testing

We can fix errors or warnings and implement performance suggestions!

How we can help...

  1. KEYWORD RESEARCH - Ranking #1 on Google for an obscure term does not help your business at all, and ranking for your company name or trademark slogan is almost automatic. The next step is to determine your target keywords. You can't seo optimize for words you don't know. Keyword research must be done. You can not seo optimize your site or pages if you do not know what terms to optimize for.

    There are terms that are highly relevant to your service and get searched for a lot. These terms will generate a significant amount of free traffic. Some terms will have a higher conversion rate. Some terms may fit your business perfectly but have little or no traffic. Compile potential terms & phrases by making a list. Start with your best guesses. Check google analytics and search console for queries that resulted in visits. PPC keywords are also worth considering. Which ones perform well? You won't need paid search advertising for keywords that you already rank at the top for. We use a number of techniques to find good terms based upon your site and existing target terms. Once you have a good list of 10-20 terms or phrases, we can check your current ranking and track improvements to determine the success of seo efforts. It's a good value because you can target these terms for years to come.
    Keyword Research
    Keyword Research

    We can determine which keywords will have the most traffic for your business!

  2. RANK TRACKING - Start tracking your keyword rank for your site. Once you have determined the best keywords for your business it's important to track your ranking progress. This will let you know how effective your optimization efforts have been.

    Start tracking immediately before beginning any improvements to allow for a comparison against your non-optimized site before any changes or improvements have been made. Although we can track the rank on hundreds of phrases, we suggest you choose to focus on the top 15-25 keywords with traffic or profit potential. We can also monitor multiple search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Ask, and even track different countries separately. However, the most value will come from your rank on Google and Google mobile. If you are already #1-4 on Google, there's not much left to do. If you're past page five (50+), you have a long road ahead. Then there's the terms that fall on page two and three. Getting these terms to page one is our ultimate goal.
    Rank Tracking
    Rank Tracking

    We can track your position on Google and report your progress!

  3. SITE OPTIMIZATIONS - Site optimizations can significantly improve your search visibility. there are dozens of common mistakes that we can help you identify and resolve.

    By increasing your search visibility for your keywords, your ranking will improve.
    Site Optimization
    Site Optimization

    We can optimize your website for maximum search readability!

  4. PAGE OPTIMIZATIONS - On-site optimizations can be performed when the site is ready. Optimize your pages for the most valuable terms found in your keyword research. Title length, keyword density, headings, title & alt, are just some of the hundreds of ranking factors that can be addressed.
    Page Optimization
    Page Optimization

    We can optimize your content for each of your target phrases!

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Additional Services

There are a lot of other search optimization techniques that will come later and don't need to be discussed now. To go after a highly-competitive phrase with big profit potential is an ongoing effort taking many months or years of following a specific strategy. If you just accomplish the items above, your rank will improve significantly on all pages. We can help with as much as you need.

ORIGINAL CONTENT - Add as much original keyword-relevant content as possible.

SOCIAL MARKETING - Usually one or two social networks is sufficient but some communities are on a dozen networks with 100K members or more. Get as many links on social networks as possible.

LINK BUILDING - Links from authoritative websites. This can be difficult to achieve but the links will generally last for years. Get as many inbound links as possible.

Let us handle the technical stuff and leave you free to run your business!