Keyword Research

3. KEYWORD RESEARCH - Ranking #1 on Google for an obscure term does not help your business at all, and ranking for your company name or trademark slogan is almost automatic. The next step is to determine your target keywords. You can't seo optimize for words you don't know. Keyword research must be done. You can not seo optimize your site or pages if you do not know what terms to optimize for.

Results That Matter

There are terms that are highly relevant to your service and get searched for a lot. These terms will generate a significant amount of free traffic. Some terms will have a higher conversion rate. Some terms may fit your business perfectly but have little or no traffic. Compile potential terms & phrases by making a list. Start with your best guesses. Check google analytics and search console for queries that resulted in visits. PPC keywords are also worth considering. Which ones perform well? You won't need paid search advertising for keywords that you already rank at the top for. We use a number of techniques to find good terms based upon your site and existing target terms. Once you have a good list of 10-20 terms or phrases, we can check your current ranking and track improvements to determine the success of seo efforts. It's a good value because you can target these terms for years to come.