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    Excellent work going beyond the norm, and I will definitely continue working with this excellent freelancer. Several more projects planned with him on developing web pages. I recommend based on actual experience. (working with Joomla, Adsense, and web page updates). Mike O. @ September 2, 2018
    Thank you so much for your promptness and your patience! Jennie W. @ August 8, 2018
    Jack was fast, complete and was able to fix my issues thoroughly. I will hire him again for web related issues for sure. Jim J. @ July 9, 2018
    Jack was very easy to work with. He was patient with my lack of knowledge and communicated clearly. He completed the project promptly and professionally. I was wary of hiring a free lancer. I would gladly hire Jack again for future projects. Jessie D. @ July 4, 2018
    I work daily with Jack on an ongoing project. Not only is he a smart guy, but very careful detailed complete and fair in all his undertaking. I am looking forward to a long relationship. Steve D. @ March 12, 2017
    Jack is amazing to work with! :))!!! Kellie L. @ January 2, 2017
    Jack is prompt and produces great work! Kelly B. @ January 1, 2017
    Jack is excellent to work with, and I highly recommend him. Dale R. @ October 12, 2016
    Jack is great to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. Dale R. @ October 9, 2016
    Jack worked quickly and completed my project even sooner than I expected. He went above and beyond to make my web site look like I had instructed. He also was willing to make the changes I wanted without any complaints or ego! I would recommend him to anyone! ReNae D. @ August 9, 2016
    Jack is an expert as far as Joomla is concerned. Very clear and timely communication, knows what he is doing and explains what is possible and what is not. Our website had issues earlier on, he not only completed the job given to him, but also, went the extra mile to fix the existing issues, although that was not part of his task. I will recommend him Highly for Joomla projects anytime... Rudra R. @ June 1, 2016
    Jack was very diligent and helpful. I would certainty work with him again. Stephany J. @ May 22, 2016
    Our website is amazing. Jack made things we thought were just dreams, a reality. He is also incredibly timely, consistent and communicative. He provides great detail about how every dollar is spent. Joe J. @ March 17, 2016
    WILL hire again to continue as topics arise around our webpage. Melanie L. @ October 7, 2015
    Good work! Anonymous @ September 29, 2015
    Was a pleasure to work with, completed the job on time and went above and beyond the scope of the original project. Even included a few extras as far as software for me. Thanks again! Melanie L. @ September 2, 2015
    Jack seems to be honest and hardworking, would recommend in the future. Anonymous @ August 6, 2015
    Liquid purple always does a great job in a timely manner. I always use him. Monica S. @ July 27, 2015
    Good work done on budget on time. Anonymous @ July 7, 2015
    Great Job! Hope to hire you for several other projects! Thanks. CC @ June 11, 2015
    Great Job... Thanks! Anonymous @ June 4, 2015
    Great to work with!! Anonymous @ June 4, 2015
    He always does a great job. Lee B. @ May 3, 2015
    Jack is an excellent freelancer and Wordpress/PHP expert. He solved the problem quickly and stuck to his proposal very well. He'll also make the process easy for you. Hire him while he is available and you'll won't be disappointed! Anonymous @ April 17, 2015
    Great customer service and fast!!!! Anonymous @ April 7, 2015
    Provided a very nice finished product for a very good price. Anonymous @ March 16, 2015
    Jack was great to work with and we will work with him again. Quality work done quickly. We were very happy. Thanks Jack! Anonymous @ March 7, 2015