Features of the Client Area:

We have made it extremely simple for our clients to request support services, track the progress of each item, and have complete access to all billing & invoice information.

If you are considering doing business with us or currently one of our clients, we strongly recommend that you register to use our free system. It will help us streamline and manage your project more effectively and save us all a bunch of time!

Online Reports

All analysis reports are now stored in the confidential client area where you are presented with a summary of all reports along with details which include the option to email, print, or save the reports as pdf files. If you have any questions or concerns about the report, you can comment directly on the document and we will be notified.

Submit A New Service Request

Anytime you would like any type of work performed on your website, all you need to do is submit a service request. You may submit as many as you wish. Break each set of tasks into individual requests and we will manage them separately. In many cases multiple requests can be handled simultaneously and is therefore more efficient than a single request with many items.

You will never have to wonder if we received your message because it will be confirmed and a ticket number issued. You will be notified automatically when action has been taken on your project. You can also login and check the status or modify your request at any time.

Liquid Purple - Service Request

Manage Active and Completed Services Requested

At any time you can then view all of the pending and completed services that you have requested. If you discover any issues with the work performed, you can re-open any of the items. Additional information can be attached or requested for each item. Once you have created a service request, you can choose to perform all further correspondence via email by simply replying to the email notification that you receive.

Liquid Purple - Requested Services

Your Current Projects and To-Do List

For each website that you have requested service for, we will add a new project to your dashboard. Here you will find approved recommendations and your requested service items after we've had a chance to review and summarize them. When a task has been completed, it will be clearly marked and you will receive an email notification.

Liquid Purple - Projects and Tasks

See Invoices and Current Billing Status

You will find that all billable invoice items correspond with items on the to-do list or your service requests. You can click on the various options to view details of the invoice, download a pdf copy, email it to yourself, and make payments. This is a great way to manage the cost of your project each year!

Liquid Purple - Billing & Invoices

Live Support Chat Available To Clients Only!

What's the quickest and best way to contact a senior-level developer without disrupting work on someone else's (or your) projects?

It's this new support chat system we installed just for you! You can pass us information securly and privately. You can also upload files that are needed for your project. There's even a whiteboard so you can draw right on your screen while we are chatting.

Soon, we will be starting live video chat (on supported browsers) and a quick link to contact us on Skype.

This system is configured to contact us the best way possible regardless of the time of day. It will send us an email notification and also a desktop alert to let us know that you would like to discuss something right now!

Liquid Purple - Live Support Chat

You Can Speak With Us On The Phone Anytime!

To receive a call from us, simply submit a service request and ask that we give you a call. Be sure to include the best times to reach you and the best number to call. Unfortunately, we must schedule all live consultations so work on other client's projects is not disrupted. If you must contact us immediately, please try our live support chat system. Thanks!

Live Consultation - During live consultations we are ready to work! We will have reviewed your request and all relevant information. Consultations are scheduled for a half-hour so we have plenty of time to discuss anything that's on your mind. Don't worry, if that's not enough time, we will be happy to extend your consultation for another half-hour.

Courtesy Call - A courtesy call is just a friendly call to check in or answer some general questions or brainstorm broad topics. We will NOT be prepared to provide definitive solutions or perform any labor towards the project. To initiate work, please submit a service request or schedule a live consultation. However, since we love keeping in-touch with our clients, courtesy calls are always FREE, and you will not be charged!

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